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    The first time I met Shey, she had just turned two weeks old. My friend’s dog had the litter, so as soon as they were old enough, she invited over to see the puppies. She said I could hold one and spotted Shey. She was the smallest of the bunch and so cute. So we sat down and talked for a while, my friend holding a crying pup and me holding Shey who immdediately fell asleep in my hand. She told she had never seen a puppy choose someone that early before, that was my dog and she wouldn’t give her to anyone else. That’s the day I named her Shey.

    Because Shey was my first dog ever, my friend helped me get her house broken before she came home but I went visited just about everyday. Like every relationship, we had our furry ups difficulties – Shey learning to be a companion and me learning to be good dog mom.

    We drove truck over the road together for a while, so Shey had been in all lower 48 states and Canada. And when a blizzard shuts down the freeway and you’re sitting still for hours there’s nothing better than jumping out of the truck to go have snow fights in the median. Shey loved to have “snow fights” with me. She loved to lick the cinnamon off the donuts and leave them in box on the dashboard. She wouldn’t bite them, just lick off all the cinnamon! She was also fiercely protective and so gentle at the same time.

    The vets she saw over the years have all told me she is not a typical husky. She’s very laid back and quiet. She hardly ever barked unless I got her worked up and she was telling me stories. She loved her stuffed animals and would actually take very good care of them. There were a few that she would sleep with (her monkey and her elephant).

    • Sounds like you two were best friends! This made me think of my dog Dunstin. He was a chocolate lab and I grew up with him – one of my earliest memories was when he was a puppy… It was almost the exact same thing as you & Shey. I’ll try to find some old pictures and share them.