About Us

Faithful Friends is an online community for Pet Lovers. We invite you to share your stories, pictures and videos that celebrate events in life with your pets, to share helpful tips, to solicit answers to questions and concerns you may have, and to seek reliable resources for products or services you may find helpful. You may also give your pets a voice in our P-Mail area where pets can speak to one another through our in-house email system.

We also provide a safe, sympathetic place for you as you prepare for or experience the loss of a beloved pet. You may post tributes to memorialize the loving wonder of your pet’s life, and feel comfortable seeking or lending support in your time of grief. Qualified counselors are available to support you.

Our Team

  • Toni Noel – Founder, Owner
  • Sean Hennessy – Social Media
  • Cody Murphy – Webmaster (via Stearns 208 Marketing)