Memorials - Faithful Friends

Beauty Girl

March 13, 2004 – February 24, 2022 The sweetest, smartest most beautiful girl in my world. My very best friend, and fun play partner, sleeping buddy and LOVE. Thank you […]


Loki was one of my favorite rats out of the 10 rats I had altogether. He was one of the most affectionate, sweet rats I had the pleasure of raising. […]


Honey was part of our family the moment we saw her at the shelter. We noticed others considering her and rushed to request to meet her. We always celebrate her […]


My first doggie love.  I will never forget you.


My friend Muffin you gave me 14 years 4 months of love and happiness i thank you for every day and every minute.Wouldnt trade that time for anything.I love and […]


Patton was my sister’s dog, raised from a tiny puppy. When he was twelve, he was stolen and we finally recovered him, badly injured. It took a long time for him […]


We miss you Dunstin! Thank you for being so loyal.


Moses, (we called him Mosey), was a puppy of our neighbor’s dog, Jesse, so I knew him from his birth. He was very smart, and as you can see in […]


I met Prince when he was six weeks old and I was six years old. I grew up as he grew old and sixteen years after meeting, we parted. Daddy brought Prince home much […]


We found Cricket laying in a pool of blood on our front porch on my sixteenth. He was a very young kitten. We rushed him to the doctor and Cricket survived. He learned everything he […]