Silke was a petite black and brown dachshund and was our first pet as a couple. She was perfect, only five pounds but a huge personality! A coyote attacked her one morning in our front yard and after several surgeries over an 18 month period, her tiny body gave out at 10 years old. She loved the sun and would follow it throughout the day by laying in the sunbeams coming through the windows. After her passing, we wanted to find a way to memorialize her life and honor her favorite thing – lying in the sun! She is now living as a Fringe Tree in our front yard that is in the sun all day.

Annie and Gracie were both dapple dachshunds and were kennel mates when we adopted them as pups. Annie was a hunter and loved to let everyone know she ruled the roost. Gracie was gentle and prissy. She loved to wear her jewelry and would actually prance when she had it on! They were like real sisters – a love hate relationship but missed each other when separated. They are both living now as a beautiful Calycanthus Aphrodite bush in our back yard. Gracie is close the house and Annie is looking in the woods.