• Toni posted an update 5 years, 5 months ago

    @deedee Donna, So glad you asked and found help. Your questions are important to us and we added a Pet Eye Doctor section to our Find Services area. Please let us
    know of any other services you would like to find through our easy to use system, and keep us posted on what happens with your kitty so we can all benefit.

    • thank you ..and I will..Pepper & Wizard go this sat to get their nails cut,, so Im going to ask their vet since I couldnt find one in my area..Sean wrote me and i going to check out what he told me..thank you again

      • Did you put in your location and check the drop-down menu for Pet Eye Doctor in your area under the ‘Services” tab? If you tell me your zip code I will share what I find in your area.

    • Hey Donna, I saw your Ask A Vet comment that said you live over in New Jersey. I entered your zip code in the Find Services area (like Toni suggested) and Cologne Animal Hospital popped up. It looks like their phone number is (609) 965-6008 and their website is http://www.cologneanimalhospital.com/ Might be a worthwhile place to check out?