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    Dhorstp found herself on my front door in November of 2009, about a week before Thanksgiving. I had no intention of saving her because of my commitment to Baby and Reggie. So, I eventually took her to the pound and a week later, changed my mind.

    Bringing her to the Vet, I had her cleaned up, shots given and within a week, her little body just rejected the treatment. She passed away within a week’s trip to the Vet. Furious, angry at me and the vet I made the error of trying to help too much, too fast.

    Dhorstp was cremated and her remains are in a beautiful cat sculpture and she is with me every day and night. Upon my death, she will along with the other two, be buried with me and my remains when the Lord calls me.

    I will forever remember her sleeping right by my head. Even in her last hours, she struggled to live. My heart still is heavy with grief as I recall her in this memorial. I do not have friends, so these creatures are my family whom I adore.

    Dhorstp was a reminder to me of what it means to care of someone or something other than myself. What joy I have knowing that at least she did not die alone, but in my arms. It gives me peace knowing that although in body she is not present, her spirit lays close by all the time. And I pray she knows how much I loved her even in the short time she was here with me.

    In memory, Dhorstep My Friend and Companion.

    • Sorry to hear about your Loss Mike. She sounds amazing and like she must have been extremely thankful to have had you in her life.

    • Dear Mike, How are you getting along? Your tribute to Dhorstep is touching and beautifully written. I am sorry for your grief and hope sharing with us at Faithful Friends helps you. Please let us know how you are doing, and accept my sincere sympathy. When you feel up to it, please share your pictures and stories about Baby and Reggie in our ‘Celebrate” area if you like. We want to build a community of members to support one another during difficult times, and to share our happier moments with our beloved pets. Let us know how you are. Toni