• Marty posted an update 4 years, 12 months ago

    Here is gizmo and gadget, both brothers and 7 now. Gizmo is long haired and Gadget is short haired. Rescued from parking lot at 1 day old.

    • Giz is on the left

    • One day old? Kudos to you for nursing them along. I have had a 5 week old but ONE DAY!? You are a Hero Marty 🙂

    • Not really, just a lover of life and giving everything a chance for it. But thank you much.

      • Marty, If there are pet fundraisers or events in your area they can be posted on this site and our Facebook – myfaithfulfriends. Just put them in the “Events” tab 🙂 And, did you know you can find services in your area using the drop-down menu in the ‘Services’ tab?

    • Wow that’s awesome you found them that young and were able to care for them.