• Marty posted an update 4 years, 12 months ago

    Here is Sissy and Maggie Mae (my blind baby due to an infection early on) They are sisters and eight now. Sissy is short hair and Maggie Mae is long hair.

    • Sissy is on the left

    • Ohhh.. I love them. Beautiful girls. It’s nice that you kept brothers and sisters together. I think that makes a difference. Do you?

    • Absolutely. My husband brought the two sister home one year and I picked the brothers up the next year. I have to admit I never was cat person. But once you put so much effort into saving them, how can you get rid of them. I can’t.

      • Isn’t it crazy? I wasn’t necessarily a “pet person” before my dog Benny (I liked pets, but wasn’t necessarily super into them) but now after having him for 3 years he’s like family – my best bud! Couldn’t imagine life without him.