We’ve all been there before, you wondrous pet is looking at your with those droopy eyes as you select a piece of candy you’ve had your eyes on all night from the Halloween candy basket. We’ve compiled, from several sources the things to keep your mind on while enjoying some scary times with your Pet!

#1 – Don’t give your pets chocolate

As much as your wondrous pet wants that piece of candy, make sure you check to see if it is Chocolate. According to the ASPCA, chocolate in ANY FORM, especially dark chocolate can be extremely harmful for Dogs and Cats. Also if any of the candy you have contains Xylitol, you could also be looking at problems for them. Main point, make sure you check for Chocolate and Xylitol before you go giving in to your pets! Calls to the Pet Poison center increase by close to 15% during Halloween. If anything should happen contact the Animal Poison Control Center immediately at (888) 426-4435.

#2 – Make sure your pet has identification

We all know that Dogs and Cats, as much as they may act tough, can get very temperamental and scared during the holiday times. It may seem like an obvious tip, but make sure your pet does have identification during the holidays as should they get scared and wander off, it will be good to have identification with your name and phone number. There are always further options to make sure all is good with your pet. Microchips as well as GPS collars have shown to significantly help with lost pets.

#3 – Gauge your pet’s reaction to costumes

To follow up with item 2, also remember that Halloween is a strange holiday for pets. People dressed as terrifying creatures, sounds from outside that aren’t often outside, be sure to gauge your pet’s reaction prior to having him/her answer the door in costume.

#4 – Be cautious with your pet costume choices

This takes us to item 4. As much as costumes can look cute, some of them are dangerous to your pet. Make sure when you purchase your pet costume that there are no long or lengthy chords that can get wrapped around your pet in a way that might cause entanglement or that might choke them. Also be sure that you let your pet try on the costume before you give it a go. Some pet’s LOVE the attention and are absolute hams, while others really do not like costumes. Main thing here is to make sure you are cautious with your costume choices and while your pet is wearing a costume, make sure that you keep your eyes on them to avoid any issues that might arise.

#5 – Be all ears! Pets don’t like loud noises.

As we mentioned a bit above. Dogs and Cats can hear to a ridiculous degree and while this is an advantage to them, it is a disadvantage during times of celebration like “Halloween.” Make sure if you know there will be very loud noises, that you keep your pet’s ears in mind or “Be all ears!” as we might say. Trust us, your pets will appreciate it.

#6 – Be careful with candles

Halloween can be such a great time for pumpkins as well as decorations. Make sure if you have any jack o’lanterns with candles, that they are out of the way from your pets and their costumes. You don’t want Fido causing any mischief with fire.

#7 – Watch for stress throughout the evening

“Trick or Treat!” While you may want to introduce those who come by for candy to your pet, keep in mind that meeting that many people can be very stressful on them. As we mentioned above, be sure to gauge your pet as the night continues and have a plan for if they start having trouble.

#8 – Be safe and have a pet emergency plan

If you have an emergency don’t forget there are many pet emergency rooms near you and should you need to find one, you are always welcome to use our Find Pet Services tool which will show you the closest places to take your pet near you.

#9 – Keep alcohol away from your pets

While some parties enjoy some nice alcoholic beverages, remember to keep your pet away from them. Many movies show pet’s drinking as a joke but alcohol is extremely potent for pets and in severe cases can cause coma and even death. If you plan on consuming any alcohol remember this and keep it in mind.