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    Female puppy (spayed) urine is ruining the grass. We spray water but that hasn’t helped. My HOA wants me to do something and I don’t know what. Could it be her PH? Is there a test we can get to determine why her urine is doing this? A diet change? Thank you.

    • Hello Toni.
      Of the things that will help grass grow, urine, in almost any form, is not one of them. The pH of water tends to be 7.0 or neutral. Most animal urine tends to be higher (alkaline) or lower (acidic). Some grasses may handle variance to the perfect pH of 7.0, but I am unsure which grasses those are.
      Changing the pH of an animal’s urine can be done, but without getting some baseline blood work and a urinalysis, I would not blindly do this to any animal. There can be consequences, such as stone development, if you mess with a normal metabolism and homeostasis of a pet.
      As a side note, most animals who urinate on grass will cause some damage to the grass. I would likely consider it more rare to not cause a problem from “watering” the lawn frequently.
      There are some OTC “aids” that claim to help with urine induced grass scald. I again believe these may cause some problems, and I would visit my veterinarian before using them.
      Last note would be to spray the grass well, after EVERY urination. This will dissipate the concentrated urine.
      Daryl Lovingood, DVM

      • Toni replied 5 years ago

        Very valuable information. Thank you for your thoughtful answers.