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    Any advice for animals with the hot weather?


    • A good question since we are in the heat of it now! It really depends if we are talking about our dogs or our cats. With cats that are most likely indoors, we just want to be sure that they have access to fresh water at all times and a cool place to go to when they need.
      Dogs can live outdoors or indoors so we need to be sure that some seasonal adjustments can be made. The same with cats, we need to be sure they have available fresh water at all times. If they are inside be sure they have a cool place to relax, even if you may not have air conditioning, a fan circulating fresh air can really help. If you are leaving them it would be best to have a fan that has protected blades so that if they get curious they cant stick their nose, tongue, etc and get them in the turning fan blades. If your dog happens to live outdoors in the day we have to be sure there is not only a water source, but an area they can seek shade/shelter when needed.
      This time of year is a great time to think about grooming your cat or dog. When the coat is thick, matted and not able to shed properly it really inhibits their normal ability for temperature regulation. Some breeds of both dogs and cats would do much better in the summer months shaved or trimmed down, advisably by a professional groomer.
      For all the dog owners, something to consider summer is high time for dog parks, hiking, and lots of outdoor activities. It’s a great time to make sure that your dog is current on vaccines; not just Rabies and Distemper combination, but Bordetella or kennel cough vaccine and Leptospirosis especially for highly active dogs that may hike, run, hunt, etc.
      As always if you have serious questions you should consult your regular veterinarian.
      Have a wonderful summer with all your pets.
      Dr Hays