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    My 8 yr old dog Fritz has a what the vet called a skin tag, but its like the size of a peach, and getting raw. He keeps licking it. Is there a way i could take it off myself? My vet does not seem to want to remove it, for some reason. What can i do myself. It looks hideous, and seems to be bugging him. Thanks

    • Hello Pam.
      Generally skin tags are diagnosed because of there small size. We treat them like moles, as in, if they get bigger, bleed, ooze, change shape, or grow friends, we will remove them.
      I am unsure the reason not to remove it. Surgeons do not want to put a patient with other medical risks such as a heart condition or metabolic disorder under anesthesia. If Fritz is bothering the growth and it has grown to the size of a “peach” (or even a grape), I would make sure to tell my vet this. Size change could be fluid buildup, infection, normal growth, or malignant change. This may change his opinion. Call and schedule a recheck.
      If my car is making a noise, and despite my mechanic finding nothing wrong, I may have a different mechanic take a look. I am very proactive when it comes to my personal pets. And my car. And myself. AND my patients.
      I hope this helps. Not knowing history, seeing the mass, and any other information, it is difficult to second guess another medical professional. Please take what I tell you here with a grain of salt.
      As far as removing it at home, DON’T. Keep it clean with diluted soapy water if it oozes.
      Good Luck.
      And again, schedule a recheck.

      Daryl Lovingood, DVM