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    Our Mocha was recused from Delaware Puppy Rescue in 2007 at 8 years old. We felt as if God had sent her to us. n November 25, 2014 we sent our dear Mocha back to the hands of God, at the age of 15. She had a glorious life with us and we look forward to rescuing another dog.

    • It’s lovely that you and Marty shared such a wonderful life, and that you keep your heart and home open to another friend for life. When you welcome your new dog, please share with us. We will be thinking of Marty with you this Memorial Day.

    • Sorry – I confused you, Marty, with Mocha. That’s a nice name. I apologize for my error. I’ll be thinking of Mocha.

    • Sorry to hear Marty:( I have no doubt you must have made Mocha’s life wondrous.

    • How are you doing, Marty? Toni