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    Last year I took in 2 stray female cat.both pregnant. I kept both moms. A few weeks ago one must gave had a bad seizure. Can’t figure anything g else that caused her injury. Her tongue was completely chewed up. Now the other cat is having g seizures. Mild she cramps up get disoriented. Vet ruled out some stuff like feline leukimia. Any idea what could this be? I don’t want to loose this cat too. Vet said it is to early to medicate her. So far 2 seizures. 1 per month. I would like some idea so that I prevent real damage.thanks, inka

    • Thanks for the question Inka! Handed to the Doc yesterday!

      • My cat had 2 more seizure since I sent the question. Anything from the vet yet?

        • Hi Inka,
          I apologize for the delayed response. First, your cat’s condition is not one I can diagnosis online. Your cat should be seen by your primary veterinarian for further evaluation and work-up. Also, in your previous post you mentioned that both cats were having seizures. There is a very different list of concerns in a household where both cats are having seizures instead of just one. There is an extensive list of disease processes that can cause seizures, including toxins, infectious processes, metabolic changes, neoplastic processes, congenital disease, and brain abnormalities. Your primary veterinarian can do an initial work-up that may include a complete blood work-up as well as chest radiographs and abdominal ultrasound. If necessary, referral to a neurologist for additional evaluation and advanced imaging is an option. Your primary veterinarian will be able to narrow down this list of possible causes and help decide if medical management is possible.
          Take care,
          Kelly McCarty, DVM