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    My dog has started eating grass lately. Should I be concerned?

    • Grass chewing. Yum! So generally grass chewing comes from two areas. Either your dog just likes the taste, or he has an upset stomach. The upset stomach tends to be seen as pets get older, but can also be from having too much stomach acid. We often see this in dogs who are free fed, or eat every 12 hours or less. I like to feed 3X/day, splitting up there food into those meals (not more food). In between snacks are okay as long as you count calories for heavier dogs, and it doesn’t cause less meal skipping. Otherwise, getting in for an exam with your veterinarian, especially if you are also seeing some vomiting, will help you see if something else is going on causing that grass chewing drive. DRL

      • Thanks for the reply! I think I figured it out… I recently switched his food and was feeding him a little less. Went back to the same amount of food I was feeding him before and he’s no longer doing it anymore.