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    My dog Benny has gotten razor burn (?) the past couple of times he has had a hair cut. I feel terrible because he’s definitely uncomfortable but since he has hair all over him, it has been hard to figure out something that will help. Last time I went to the store and purchased some baby powder and that seemed to help some. I’m thinking that I should try a different groomer next time… but do you have any recommendations if it happens again? Thank you!

    • Cody, use the “Services” tab to find a groomer in your zip code. I suggest calling and asking their advice. Please share what you learn so we can all benefit.

      • Thanks, Toni! I’ll do that and let you know how it goes.

        • Yes, please do let us know. I imagine you have to use a product that isn’t toxic if Benny licks it. You really need to find a better groomer, too.

    • Geeez, poor Benny! Yeah I second Toni. Better groomer sounds like a plan! Did the baby powder work?

      • I do think the baby powder helped… I agree with you and Toni on finding a different groomer, though… hopefully prevent that from happening again.

    • Just an update guys: we went to another groomer and he’s doing a lot better than last time he got his hair cut!