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    So I have two questions. You can answer ether or.
    So my first is how big would my pup be getting she is about 8-10 inches tall. And she is four months. She is rottie pit chow and shepherd mix.
    The second is her and her brother and sister fight but its not the play fighting. Should I separate her from her siblings?

    • I’m excited to learn what @drkellymccarty has to say… My dog Benny can get aggressive with other dogs randomly, too.

    • And also she is gonna be trained as a service animal and I know they can’t get aggressive. So I’m just wondering what to do

    • Hi Kayla- Dawn,

      It can be difficult to accurately determine the adult weight of a puppy. A general rule of thumb is that a puppy is half-grown at four months of age. This hinges on the puppy being accurately assessed for age and, of course, there are always outliers. Knowing the current weight and size of both parents would ultimately be the most accurate way to assess for your puppy’s adult size.

      I am sorry that you are having issues with fighting between the littermates. Have you been able to pinpoint a specific trigger for these fights? In light of the aggression towards littermates that you are seeing as well as your goals for her to be a future service dog, I would strongly recommend a training program that you feel comfortable with and that will help her socialize with other people and dogs. In addition there are veterinarians that specialize in behavior that may also be helpful if training is not a successful answer. You can look up the member directory at http://www.dacvb.org to see if there are any in the area near you.
      Take care,
      Kelly McCarty

    • How are the pups doing, @calcifer