• Allyse posted an update in the group Group logo of Ask A VetAsk A Vet 4 years ago

    How do you feel about feeding dogs real food that is cooked? Healthy food like chicken, carrots, rice etc. I know there is a raw diet, but I have noticed nothing but good changes with my dogs after putting them on real food, including loss of extra weight (she was overweight) and better behavior.

    • Toni replied 4 years ago

      Many foods need to be cooked to release enzymes and nutrients, plus cooking can aid in digestion. I always alternated cooked “real” foods with dry or canned pet foods. My dogs all lived to 16 and one of my cats 19, so as a pet parent, I think it’s a good idea. Also, my pets liked fruits and vegetables. My dogs would gnaw carrots and my cat loved canteloupe!

      • Thanks! I just wanted to see everyone’s general opinion because the raw diet gets so much more attention, but I feel that cooking the meal is better for our dogs. So many people say that raw food is the best diet possible, but I just think that dogs have evolved so much that it could in some breeds be dangerous to feed raw food.

        • Toni replied 4 years ago

          Allyse, I agree. Parasites can live in raw anything, especially meat and seafood. That said, I had a cat who only ate dry cat food – period. It concerned me but the vet said she was getting all her nutrients and it was good for her teeth. If it’s nutritious and they like it, it’s probably what they need. I am not a vet, and we are looking for a new veterinarian to answer non- emergency questions, but these have been my experiences.